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About Us

  • San Diego Retaining wall construction

    geogrid provides

    • 20 years of "commitment to excellence" in construction
    • The experience of 7 million square feet of retaining wall installed
    • Proven site solutions for Commercial, governmental, industrial and residential projects
    • Trusted Industry Leader

  • San Diego retaining wall subcontractor


    • Pre-job planning
    • Complete Client Services from conceptual planning to permitting
    • Preliminary design and budget options
    • Highly experienced professionals

  • San Diego Brow ditch

    field operations

    • Detailed Quality Control Manuals and Safety Programs available upon request
    • The highest degree of quality control and efficiency
    • Strict adherence to specification and scheduling
    • Turnkey Construction Solutions
    • Specialty Design Experience

  • San Diego Shotcrete


    • Complete engineering and design services in-house
    • Detailed construction plans including horizontal and vertical control for precise
    • Structural wall calculations
    • Permitting
    • A qualified engineering team able to handle difficult design challenges
  • San Diego Soil nail wall

    front office

    • 30 years of experience in the accounting department
    • Detailed accounting and financial procedures
    • Conscientious project management personnel
    • Responsive Customer Service